Hey there!

Hi, I’m Rosa, a student journalist passionate about sailing. I started out with Dinghies and moved on to tall ships, and I know some super interesting people that you’ll be hearing from soon, so keep an eye out on my blog!

Welcome to smooth sailing, here is a small compilation of articles for the aspiring (or already advanced) sailors out there. Whether you want to know how to get your boat ready for action, or you’d like to find out the mental health benefits of being out on an open sea, this is where you should be.

Expect photos from my Pre-Corona Tall ship sailing days, Chats with people who love it so much that they’ve made sailing their life, or their full-time job, and insights into the lives of the good samaritans that help get youngsters into the age old hobby.

Whatever your age, proficiency, or experience, come explore the world of sailing, it has so much to offer.

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